Musing the Muse

My Muse is a fickle creature. I can sit in front of my keyboard for hours and she won't give me one word to type. But when I decide to walk my dogs she'll wait until we're blocks away from home and start whispering in my ear. "What if the character doesn't know who he … Continue reading Musing the Muse


Careful what you think about…

I am a big believer that we create our reality with our thoughts. Not just in the obvious way, like when you see a friend across a crowded room and wave at her and she looks right at you and then turns and walks away. If you assume she just didn't see you, no harm-no … Continue reading Careful what you think about…

Hello world!

Well, here it is. My very first blog as a Writer. Eek! Did I just say the "W" word? Yes, it's true. I'm a writer. I've been writing since I was very young, starting with those ever-so-corny "Gosh I sure love my horse" stories and evolving to those timeless classics: The forlorn, lovesick, adolescent girl … Continue reading Hello world!