Ode to Peas

After two full months of chaos and two full weeks of multiple daily appointments (none of which were of the fun variety), I had a day to myself. I crawled out of bed, okay, I sorta fell out of bed at 8 a.m. and after my usual coffee-time rounds through email and Facebook, I settled … Continue reading Ode to Peas


Ansa: High Priest of Dai’awin

I understand you are the High Priest of Dai'awin, the City in the Cloud? That is correct. Please, tell us about Dai'awin. Dai'awin is the most beautiful city in the world. Built within a great cloud, Dai'awin is free to travel wherever I choose to send it. We are not restricted to just one place … Continue reading Ansa: High Priest of Dai’awin

Emas, High Priest of Arh’et

What is your position in Arh'et? Well, I am the High Priest of Arh'et, of course, ruler of my realm in the absence of Lord Faeran. What are the people of Arh'et like? Ignorant, all of them. Just stupid peasants. They spend their days raising crops and livestock to feed the world, and they do … Continue reading Emas, High Priest of Arh’et