We have favorable winds for the next episode of the Quest…

With only nine work days left before my official Spring lay-off, I am already gearing up to get serious about writing the next Episode of the Quest: Gust of Wind. I've been sifting through weather websites and YouTube videos and Google Images, looking for weird, bizarre, unusual, and otherwise unfamiliar weather anomalies to ensure that … Continue reading We have favorable winds for the next episode of the Quest…


The Thirteenth Coven

“I don’t know about this, Rachel,” Amy said, straightening her Cleopatra costume and glancing at the candles they had arranged in the clearing around the Witch’s Well. “Maybe we should just go to the dance.” “It’s fine,” Rachel snapped. “We’re just going to scare her a little.” She tugged the bottom of her too-tight mini-skirt … Continue reading The Thirteenth Coven

Independence Day

It’s the 4th of July, Independence Day here in the USA, and I’m surprised to report, it’s quiet here in the neighborhood. I live in one of those mini-communities commonly known as a trailer park. I hate that term because it conjures up images of dumpy trailer houses and fifth generation welfare-rats; which seems to … Continue reading Independence Day