Emas, High Priest of Arh’et

What is your position in Arh'et? Well, I am the High Priest of Arh'et, of course, ruler of my realm in the absence of Lord Faeran. What are the people of Arh'et like? Ignorant, all of them. Just stupid peasants. They spend their days raising crops and livestock to feed the world, and they do … Continue reading Emas, High Priest of Arh’et

Musing the Muse

My Muse is a fickle creature. I can sit in front of my keyboard for hours and she won't give me one word to type. But when I decide to walk my dogs she'll wait until we're blocks away from home and start whispering in my ear. "What if the character doesn't know who he … Continue reading Musing the Muse