When I set up this blog, Dust of Earth was in the earliest stages of its first draft. Only a few chapters into it, I was still figuring out names, places, and plot.

I started with an idea and watched it evolve into something even better than I could have ever anticipated. For ten months I sat at my desk or at a card table on my front porch, and watched the characters come to life right before my eyes. They made me laugh, and they made me cry, and little by little they showed me the story they wanted to tell.

The story I planned was fun. The story they want to tell is epic.

You’ve already seen the prequel: Days of Chaos. Now it’s time to share the first episode: Dust of Earth. I chose the word “episode” because “story” is too final, and “part” is too incomplete. First of four, Dust of Earth is more like a chapter: complete in and of itself, and yet, an important piece of a larger story.

The next episode, Drop of Water, is scheduled for release in 2017 and I’m already working hard on it, so maybe it will show up even sooner than that. Subscribe to stay updated!


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