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With so many of us staying home to do our part to flatten the infection curve, it’s a great time to read a book! So, I’m giving away 2500 ebook copies of Dust of Earth! Just click on the link below to get your copy while supplies last. The give-away will shut off automatically when all 2500 copies have been claimed. Happy Reading!




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When magic explodes, anything can happen.
King Jakin Daxx thought he didn’t need to pay attention to prophecies about what is going to happen three hundred years in the future. But then he faces an evil opponent and wakes up in a future that remembers him as a coward who ran away. As the Guardian of the Te’eta, Jakin must race against the clock to restore the key to his magic so he can save the world from the self-destruct mechanism that was activated when he lost his kingdom. There’s just one problem: Jakin doesn’t really know what’s going on.
Fifteen year old Malakai Jenks lives a simple life and has simple goals: Take care of his ailing mother and woo the village beauty: Margo Fineweather. But then he trips over an unconscious stranger and everything Malakai thought he knew about his world is turned upside down. Swept up in a race against the alignment of three moons, Malakai embarks on an adventure that will challenge everything he’s ever believed.
Welcome to the Quest of the Guardians; an epic tale of adventure, mystery, and magic in a world where poison grows on trees, giants are common, and nothing is as it seems…
Prequel novella, Days of Chaos, follows the Tate family’s experience of the events that destroyed Jakin’s world and lead up to the opening scene of Dust of Earth. Claim your free copy of Days of Chaos today by simply clicking on the FREE BOOK link.
Then, continue the adventure with the first eight chapters of Episode One: Dust of Earth to find out what happens next…(BONUS CONTENT)

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For those who are wondering…Episode Two: Drop of Water AND Episode Three: Gust of Wind are now available at your favorite online retailers as well as www.questoftheguardians.com!