At last! The first of the Quest of the Guardians books is now available at your favorite online book sellers! Okay, technically it’s the prequel and therefore book zero, but, you know what I mean…haha!

I’m just very excited to take this step, which I expect to be the first of many! Days of Chaos shares one family’s experience of the events leading up to the opening scene of Dust of Earth and gives readers a peek into the backstory of the series.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing Days of Chaos, in fact, it was so fun it seemed to write itself! You can find it at Amazon by clicking this link:

Days of Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure

I hope you’ll pick up a copy and check it out! If you enjoy the story, let us know here in the comments…and be sure to leave a review at Amazon, as well! I appreciate all of your input, and will take your words to heart as I continue to work on the Quest of the Guardians story. (Hint; My editor at Silver Jay Editing tells me that Dust of Earth will be ready in a few weeks so watch your inbox for updates! Not a subscriber? Click here here.)

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