Episode Four: Spark of Fire

Earlier today I was updating this website and I realized I never did an official announcement of the release of Spark of Fire! Puzzled, I looked back at my calendar and realized I was recovering from my second major surgery about that time, so I’m going to blame the after-effects of anesthesia. After all, I did feel fairly ditzy for a long time afterwards…To be honest, I’m still not sure I’m firing on all eight again…LOL!

Anyway, if you’ve been waiting endlessly for the final episode in the Quest of the Guardians series: First, thank you for your patience. It’s out there, available on all the major online retailer websites in both ebook and print form. (Now with a new cover!)

In this fast-paced final episode of the series, our heroes finally face their nemesis; evil King Faeran, as they race against the clock to save their friends and restore the magic. The moons have come into alignment and time has run out: It’s now or never. Come along for a wild ride as war breaks out between the realms in the midst of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and storms. Not to mention some pretty nasty creatures. Will the Maaoteo forces be enough to protect the Guardians? Will Malakai get to Margo in time to rescue her? Will Jakin be able to return to his own time to save his family? Or will Faeran out-fox them all with the biggest military force their world has ever seen? What about Simeena? Will she ever escape Faeran’s clutches or will she be bound to him forever? And who are those pesky Yolmar, anyway?

And, just because I feel bad for not announcing it sooner, as I should have, here’s a link to download it for FREE until the end of April 2023!

Meanwhile, by popular request, I am working on a spin-off from Days of Chaos, following the Tate family on their adventures in the realm of Tav’res. I assure you, Dillon is still up to his silly antics!

And, although my original intention was that Spark of Fire would be the final book in the series, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how many readers have expressed interest in reading more in the world of Daxxon. So, I’m also working on a spin-off from the QotG series in general, but the current working title is a bit of a spoiler so I’ll keep it to myself. Just know that the adventures continue!

P.S. Please remember to leave reviews! They really make a big difference in rankings and you might be surprised to know how many readers DON’T take a few seconds to leave a review! Good or bad, every review matters!


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