QotG Book Blurbs:

Days of Chaos: Mya Tate lives in a peaceful world where everyone knows how to do magic—even her naughty little brother, Dillon. But then one day, the magic stops working... Prequel to the Quest of the Guardians series, Days of Chaos follows one family's experience of the events leading up to the opening scene of … Continue reading QotG Book Blurbs:

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Oops! It appears there's been a mistake! The website you were supposed to be directed to is: http://www.questoftheguardians.com And... Click HERE for your FREE GIFT! (The first eight chapters of Dust of Earth!) Not sure where the mix-up happened, but it's an easy fix. Just click on the links above! Sorry about that! Sincerely, S.R. … Continue reading Advent Calendar CLICK HERE!!!