Okay, I don’t really have the “blues,” I just liked the way it sounded as a title. Forgive me? What I do have is impatience. About a week ago I sent my novel out to seven beta-readers for feedback and now I’m in the waiting phase. Patience is not one of my virtues. So far, I’ve heard back from one. She found six spelling errors for me. (Can I feel good that she only found six in almost 70,000 words?)

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to fill the time productively. I’ve reviewed my copy and made notes of things I need to follow up on in the next book. I’ve made scene cards for book two. I’ve resisted the temptation to start book two because I know that in two weeks I’ll be working 15 hour days for at least a month so I don’t want to start and then leave it hanging.

So…I’ve organized my desk and sorted through the piles of paper that always seem to accumulate around my house.  I’ve walked the dogs….a LOT. I’ve made batches of homemade salsa.  I’ve tossed out all the little post-it notes that were stuck all over my desk and my laptop cover. I’ve started reading a book I didn’t write (what a novelty!). I’ve watched movies and cuddled my little dogs. I’ve gone to the beach. I’ve done everything I can think of to make myself NOT email my beta readers and ask “So, what do you think?”

So far…so good…

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