QotG Book Blurbs:

Days of Chaos:

Mya Tate lives in a peaceful world where everyone knows how to do magic—even her naughty little brother, Dillon. But then one day, the magic stops working…

Prequel to the Quest of the Guardians series, Days of Chaos follows one family’s experience of the events leading up to the opening scene of Dust of Earth and provides back-story insights pertinent to the series.

Dust of Earth:

A time-traveling king must save the future, in order to save the past…

King Jakin Daxx thought he didn’t need to pay attention to prophecies about what is going to happen three hundred years in the future. But then he faces an evil opponent and wakes up in a world that remembers him as a coward who ran away. Determined to return to his own time to save his family, Jakin sets out to restore the key to his magic: The Te’eta.

But the world has changed. It has been divided into four elemental realms ruled by High Priests loyal to his enemy, and each holds one piece of the Te’eta.

Fifteen year old Malakai Jenks lives a simple life and has simple goals: Take care of his ailing mother, and woo the village beauty. But then he trips over an unconscious stranger and everything Malakai thought he knew about his world is turned upside down. Swept up in a race against the alignment of three moons, Malakai embarks on an adventure that will challenge everything he’s ever believed.

Welcome to the Quest of the Guardians: an epic tale of adventure, mystery, and magic in a world where giants are common, poison grows on trees, and nothing is as it seems…

Dust of Earth is episode one in the series.

Drop of Water:

Were the Wave Rider’s words an invitation…or a warning?

The Guardians are expected in the realm of water, but the messenger didn’t specify what he meant. Now, Jakin and Malakai embark on the next part of their journey without a compass or a map—while their people take up arms against them and their friends suffer in King Faeran’s dungeon.

Adrift on the sea with a crew of landlubber gypsy warriors, they must find Peli Haven: An elusive city that just might be hidden under the waves—and Malakai can’t swim.

But their plans take an unexpected turn when they stumble upon Queen’s Island and discover something that even King Faeran doesn’t know…

Join our heroes as they continue their quest to restore the Te’eta and defeat the evil usurper by venturing into the realm of water—a world where men ride whales and monsters lurk in the shadows…

Drop of Water is episode two in the series.

Gust of Wind:

Lost in the folds of time, Jakin has fallen into a coma and is wasting away right in front of their eyes—despite the efforts of the best healers in the realm.

Next in line to be the Guardian of the Te’eta, Malakai Jenks steps up to continue the quest in Jakin’s place. Separated from his friends, he sneaks into the realm of wind in the midst of the biggest party of the year. But then, everything goes wrong…

Mistaken for the son of a prominent citizen, Malakai is swept into the great library under the guidance of the curator, who believes Malakai is there to do research—but Malakai can barely read. Surrounded by the knowledge of the ages, Malakai has access to everything he needs to know—except how to retrieve the next piece of the Te’eta…or the fact that it will kill him if he tries…

Welcome to the realm of wind, where the High Priest schemes, the citizens party, and giant bugs hunt people for food…

Gust of Wind is episode three in the series.

Spark of Fire:

After their recent failure in the realm of wind, Guardians Jakin and Malakai are out of time. The moons are coming into alignment and the Clock of Judgment is winding down to zero.

Just days away from total planetary destruction, their hide-out is under attack and their friends are still prisoners. Now they must face their enemy, who has amassed the largest military force ever known. It’s all-out war and they only have a few days to acquire the final two pieces of the magical Te’eta.

Can they restore the magic, defeat evil, reset the clock, and save the people they love—all while the planet is breaking apart right under their feet? Brave the chaos in the realm of fire to find out…But watch out for airborne killers, because they’re everywhere…

Spark of Fire is the final episode in the Quest of the Guardians series.

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