Vote here! Which covers do you prefer?

I love the original covers because they represent important symbols in the story. But, feedback indicates "They don't really tell you what kind of story it is." So...I'm trying out some new covers, which I also love because they're so fun! Which do you prefer? (Please post your vote in the comment section). Original Covers: … Continue reading Vote here! Which covers do you prefer?

QotG Book Blurbs:

Days of Chaos: Mya Tate lives in a peaceful world where everyone knows how to do magic—even her naughty little brother, Dillon. But then one day, the magic stops working... Prequel to the Quest of the Guardians series, Days of Chaos follows one family's experience of the events leading up to the opening scene of … Continue reading QotG Book Blurbs:

Crazy Woman

Ellen pumped the handle five times, then watched as water filled the big kettle her mother had given her just before they’d left Boston. A family heirloom, she’d said. Give it to your children someday. Even though he’d stranded her in the middle of nowhere, Ellen was still grateful that Ethan had installed the pump … Continue reading Crazy Woman

We have favorable winds for the next episode of the Quest…

With only nine work days left before my official Spring lay-off, I am already gearing up to get serious about writing the next Episode of the Quest: Gust of Wind. I've been sifting through weather websites and YouTube videos and Google Images, looking for weird, bizarre, unusual, and otherwise unfamiliar weather anomalies to ensure that … Continue reading We have favorable winds for the next episode of the Quest…