Da Plane! Da Plane!

Okay, so that’s from Fantasy Island. But it just sounded better than “It’s here! It’s here!” LOL! (Is my age showing?)

Age aside, the great news is that Drop of Water is finally done and available on the Quest of the Guardians website and I am so excited to share it with all of you! The official Launch date for the other online retailers is Sept. 23, 2017, but I’m offering it at the Quest of the Guardians website pre-launch… and from Sept. 7th to the 10th …it’s half price!

As the longest book in the series so far, Drop of Water is an adventure that takes our heroes away from the safety of the caves of Ba’aco and into the water realm of Tav’res, where all of their expectations are…well, wrong.

Writing this episode was an adventure in itself, for me. Dealing with some pretty major disruptions in my own life, it took almost a year and a half  to complete Drop of Water. This truth bugged me daily, as I had to fight real life and make the time to do what I really wanted to be doing: writing. More than once, life got in the way, and weeks would go by with only a handful of words written, and those were squeezed into the fleeting moments of free-time I could find in the midst of everything else. But, after almost two years of standing alone in the midst of a chaos beyond my control, I finally have some assistance. So, I am hopeful that the next episode: Gust of Wind, won’t take as long to write. In fact, I have already begun!

In the meantime, I am so grateful to you, my readers, for your patience this past year and a half. So many of you have hung in there with me, without complaint, keeping me inspired and motivated to continue with the Quest, which is truly a labor of Love. (Pun intended, haha!) I hope as you open the first pages and continue the journey with Jakin, Malakai, and the rest of the gang, that the wait will have been worth it!

Happy Reading!

S.R. Olson


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