Episode Three: Gust of Wind, NOW AVAILABLE!

069-Gust of Wind.png

I am happy to report that Gust of Wind, Episode Three in the Quest of the Guardians series is now available! You can find it on the Quest of the Guardians website, Amazon, and other online book retailers (some are still processing the listing).

Lost in the folds of time, Jakin has fallen into a coma and is wasting away right in front of their eyes—despite the efforts of the best healers in the realm.

Next in line to be the Guardian of the Te’eta, Malakai Jenks steps up to continue the quest in Jakin’s place. Separated from his friends, he sneaks into the realm of wind in the midst of the biggest party of the year. But then, everything goes wrong…

Mistaken for the son of a prominent citizen, Malakai is swept into the great library under the guidance of the curator, who believes Malakai is there to do research—but Malakai can barely read. Surrounded by the knowledge of the ages, Malakai has access to everything he needs to know—except how to retrieve the next piece of the Te’eta…or the fact that it will kill him if he tries…

Welcome to the realm of wind, where the High Priest schemes, the people party, and giant bugs hunt people for food…

Gust of Wind is Episode Three in the series.

Authors note: The Quest of the Guardians is a “really big book” series. For maximum insights and enjoyment of the story, readers are urged to start with Episode One: Dust of Earth, otherwise, you may find it difficult to follow the story. 🙂

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