Episode Three: Gust of Wind, NOW AVAILABLE!

069-Gust of Wind.png

I am happy to report that Gust of Wind, Episode Three in the Quest of the Guardians series is now available! You can find it on the Quest of the Guardians website, Amazon, and other online book retailers (some are still processing the listing).

With Guardian King Jakin in a coma and wasting away right in front of their eyes, Malakai Jenks decides to continue the quest without him. The moons are coming into alignment and the clock is ticking. But no one really knows what is going to happen…only that it will be catastrophic if they don’t restore the Te’eta in time.

With a lot of help from his friends, Malakai sneaks into the Coba Culling on Wind Drifter Island. From there, he must find his way up to the Cloud City to retrieve the third piece of an ancient artifact—and then escape before the city collapses. But right from the moment he arrives, everything goes wrong.

Will Malakai achieve his goal? Will King Jakin ever wake up? Will they restore the Te’eta before time runs out?

Join our heroes as they continue the quest in Dai’awin; the realm of wind…where life appears to be one big party, and even evil King Faeran is trying hard—in his own way…

Gust of Wind is part three of the Quest of the Guardians story.

Authors note: The Quest of the Guardians is a “really big book” series. For maximum insights and enjoyment of the story, readers are urged to start with Episode One: Dust of Earth, otherwise, you may find it difficult to follow the story. 🙂

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